Religion and media

  Part 1: Application 1: Identify how the culturally dominant treasures outlined by Schofield Clark (e.g., individualism, insubservience, etc.) join to forthcoming ideas build in Protestantism.  For issue, how is individualism, which is extremely prized in coeval communion, reflected in the forthcoming structure of Protestantism? Make the joinion among Protestantism and protestantization by discussing the aftercited treasures (each joinion should be almost one section in tediousness): individualism freedom pluralism tolerance democracy intellectual inquiry Having made the joinions among Protestantism and protestantization, critically evaluate Schofield Clark’s system of protestantization in almost two written pages.  Do you ponder coeval cultural treasures are truly a reflecting of Protestantism?  Why or why not?  What do you ponder are the strengths and weaknesses of her reasoning (whether or not you acquiesce or disacquiesce delay her)? Part 2: Application 2: Drawing from any resources you wish (e.g., imprint, shelter, internet, art, film, television etc.), invent three issues of protestantization in worldly resources. For this feature application, delight sketch from worldly resources barely.  Delight hinder your lore for application 3.  Identify the aftercited: the mark of resources used the favoring cultural treasure(s) that semblance proof of protestantization the way in which these cultural treasures are represented Example: Media:  BMO notice (television) Specific cultural treasure(s): individualism, insubservience Representation: A foreigner who is obscure to arrange their bills/financial locality lay tail on their couch and seal their eyes, barely to unconcealed their eyes repeatedly to invent themselves in a BMO duty.  The bank advisor informs them of the ways in which BMO can acceleration the foreigner arrange their lives financially that accomplish individually assist their needs.  This in change accomplish ultimately yield them the insubservience to do what they nonproduction.  After hearing this cheerful tidings, the dame of the foreigner lies tail on the couch and seals her eyes repeatedly in hopes of a err to a voyager hot blot, barely to re-unconcealed them and invent that no transstructure of her immeasurableness has captured attribute.  The notice?  Hard toil and attachment accomplish pay off and yield the foreigner delay the insubservience to pick-out what they nonproduction to do in the coming. Part 3: Application 3: Having completed application 1 and 2 from this module, rechange to these toils and apology the aftercited interrogations. Each interrogation should be almost 1-2 sections in tediousness. Having observed and narrative issues of protestantization in application 2, did these issues brave or countenance your dissection in application 1? That is, if you argued that Protestant treasures were not reflected in our communion, was this prefer attended by difficulty in inventing withhold issues of protestantization in application 2? Likewise, if you acquiesced that Protestant treasures were reflected in our communion, did you enjoy difficulty in inventing issues to buttress your claims? Or finally, if you felt that your issues attended your dissection, how did recognizing favoring issues in worldly resources prefer augment your reasoning? In application 2, you were asked to favoringally sketch from worldly resources.  What does the certainty that you were powerful fix issues in worldly resources communicate us about worldlyism in North America?