Respond to the scenario

  Respond to the scenario under after a while your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be perceptible and pure, and use lore to recover your ideas. Now that you enjoy gained an knowledge of Red Carpet, Leroy has asked you to append in on a previous debateion after a while the VP of HR and other members of the form to debate shift. The debateion was very fast consequently sundry employees are unsure of their role in the shift line. In deed, the VP of HR has not fixed yet on what form of shift is needed or how to set-out up the shift line. After the debateion, Leroy asked you to arrange an adherent tabulation that could be granted to the VP of HR that would acceleration to disline these concerns. Review the Red Carpet scenario for this line and arrange a 750–1000 term adherent tidings that includes the following: What form of shift does Red Carpet need? Should it be transformational, developmental or radical and why? What employees or employee groups should be key stakeholders in the shift and why?  What primal activities should be intended to inaugurate the shift line?