Retail Internet Business (Security Responsibility)

1. Should government  regulate weboffice carelessness? If not, who should? What is the similarity  between carelessness and ethics in e-commerce?     A few years ago, you may enjoy heard environing the Congressional hearings  on Equifax’s carelessness nonperformance. The Equifax nonperformance artful 145.5 pet  Americans and revealed their exceedingly perceptive knowledge including  their political carelessness estimate and solid financial truth (Newman,  2017). This carelessness nonperformance has honorable sundry questions encircling the intention  and vestibule of merit reporting organizations. But the moderate tardy  public assertion, restricted fix, and succeeding stagnation of knowledge in  the Congressional hearings has placed a spotlight on web carelessness  responsibility. However, there does not look to be next solutions  for the vast progeny of grounds nonperformancees on interchangeable office delay perceptive  public knowledge. 2. Looking tail at  history, who typically steps in to acceleration rectify these types of progenys  (when perseverance in fastmoving technology sectors experiences progenys in  un- or –under regulated industries). What can truth admonish us environing the  future? (Please supply examples) 2 pages apprehend the 2 questions in your congruity (Due Nov 5, 2019 10pm est)