Security architecture and design

Threat modeling pursue to test, reveal, muniment, and perceive intimidations and mitigations among the tenor of indemnifying the employment proceeds. Part of intimidation modeling consequently would implicate discovering virtual ease vulnerabilities. Ease vulnerabilities are normally signed by dischargeing ease exposure scans in the target environment (s).   Compare and dissimilarity  the process/steps of intimidation modeling/exposure scanning in the subjoined outdo employment providers’ environments: Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Discuss and compared foul-mouthed (4) requirements essential to be executed intimidation modeling in Azure and AWS platforms?  Discuss two niggardly tools use to discharge intimidation modeling in twain AWS and Azure outdo platforms Would you scarcity compliance to discharge intimidation modeling delay your PaaS employment provider? If yes, why? DQ requirement: Outline your discourse lower applicable headings, matching the scrutiny asked.I advise your primal posting to be among 250-300 All primal posts must comprehend a justly formatted APA in-text citation and conversant regard.