Security assessment for Vestige, Inc

In the antecedent purpose was to arrange a ease impost for Vestige, Inc, an online software concourse that specializes in selling ad spaces in their producer concourse’s recipient.  Vestige manages an online database that allows their customers to upload and pay for their employment ads for recipient importation.  Because Vestige’s database scarcitys to converge to the producer concourse’s database, the producer concourse has requested that the Vestige method be assessed and attested as guard. Now that you accept arranged your ease impost, the instant stalk is to arrange Vestige, Inc. after a while your Ease Portfolio. Using this week's Reading on the NIST framework that involves the 5-stalk arrangement for creating a balanced portfolio of ease effects, your assignment succeed be to form a Ease Portfolio after a while the subjoined sections: 1. Cover Page (i.e. APA designation page) 2. Background (arrange a abstract your midterm ease impost on Vestige) 3. For each ease scarcity attested (or scarcitys to be attested) from your Assignment, Find the effects that succeed give-up the scarcityed capabilities for the equitable expense, and explain why you chose that effect. This assignment should be environing ease scarcitys barely.  Do NOT examine how the client can consummate more employment (That is not your job). Please use  APA format and involve at lowest two references.