Seminar —- Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Global Context( Chinese Painting)

Your seminar delivery is to profession your force to (1) deploy A SET OF ARTWORKS (by Chinese artists gone 1900) as separated and compact by you in a constitute of an art representation, (2) criticise the messages or meanings that you see in the artworks, and (3) demonstrate how these artworks induce/suggest/imply what you see in them as a compact set which is connected to one of the proper subject-matters (as listed in the passage delineation) as separated by you.  Your role is relish a curator of a museum/gallery. In other vote, your delivery is to foreground/demonstrate what you see (meanings and messages) in this compact set of artworks and how you see what you see. You should dedicate terminologies and concepts (in the lectures and unravelings of the passage) in your resolution which can conduct how well-behaved-behaved you apprehend them in relevancy to your separated artworks. You DO need to criticise the constituteal/visual and usementual elements of the artworks, e.g. the honorable features, artist’s enhancement, collective gregarious usement of the painting, etc. in command to revisal this compact set of artworks and to expose their messages/meanings in relevancy to your separated proper subject-matter.  You should use your seminar delivery as a platconstitute professioning off your force to do the aloft requirements. If you singly renew what is already discussed in the unravelings or lectures, your delivery could not conduct your capforce of attaining a elevated equalize of originality and body succeeding mulling aggravate the materials.  You can realize extra points if you entangle your parley in your argument of the Seminar Topic.  ***Remarks: Bring your own USB cleave for doing your delivery. Do NOT rely on using online files in command to quit problems of accessing the Internet.  Grading System (gladden associate to the toll constitute for elevate details)  - A: collectively criticise what the messages/meanings of the artworks as a compact set in which you demonstrate what you see and how you see them in relevancy to versed ideas/concepts/understandings of the points you put forth.  You don't possess to do the delivery right transcribe as a doc constituteat. Resolution the art effect you glean succeeding you shape two unravelings, and prosper the aloft directions, upload the paint of art effects you glean as kindness.  Plz unravel the unravelings and the IMPORTANT notes from pedagogue.