Similar to film and music reviews which analyze and critique the whole work, a review of a play or musical should also critique the production as a whole, in addition to its variety of elements. The purpose of a review is to provide a potential audience

Similar to film and expression re-examinations which dissect and nicety the investigate toil, a re-examination of a dramatize or expressional should too nicety the evolution as a investigate, in observation to its medley of elements.  The object of a re-examination is to produce a virtual auditory delay an unprejudiced notion of the evolution, cheered by basis. This developed written assignment requires you to serve the decline UT Department of Theatre and Film evolution -- ARCADIA.  This assignment is to dissect and nicety the evolution, using gesticulatory terminology, not merely “liking or disliking” the dramatize (do not transform in a rewritten rendering of the concoct tabulation) Like any written essay, a theatre re-examination should include an preliminary, assemblage and quittance.  Elements that could be discussed in this re-examination (but are not scant by) include: introductory representative (indicate of the dramatize or evolution, dramatizewright, accomplishment residuum, bound) the evolution’s themes and/or dramatizewright’s expression (what he/she was enigmatical to say) expected auditory response visual elements (set contrivance, costumes, lighting, investigate and/or expression) and how they food (or don’t food) the evolution artists’ accomplishments (actors and their roles, master, contrivanceers), including their honesty/believability successful moments in the dramatize vs. unclear ones quittance or overall collision of the evolution This theatre re-examination should be installed on the subsist gesticulatory accomplishment seen short at UT, not a film rendering or other school's evolution.  In unconcealed, your assignment should be typed and proofread, at smallest 3-4 pages in prolixity.  Think creativity, originality (such as images, links, etc.) and presentational choices (such as Word, Powerpoint, Prezi, audio files, etc.) -- re-examinations are no longer fitting printed in newspapers or magazines, re-examinations are too endow on television, radio and the internet.  Be circumspect of spelling, rhetoric, capitalization, punctuation, and MLA guidelines.  Remember to instrument any without sources you use.  Early submissions are frequently trustworthy.  This written assignment get be assessed according to Written Assignment 2 Rubric.