Assignment--Expense Log and Reflections  The design of this assignment is to acceleration you glean where  your specie goes.  You can then indicate how to re-direct spending  patterns of demeanor. Step 1:   View your bank announcement from the late month (cash, faith, gifts, etc.). You obtain not post this trustworthy notice on the Canvas arrangement. Step 2: After you own reviewed your spending morality, categorize each  cost using the PERK arrangement. Label each cost using the under.  P       delay - what costs can you put off E        enucleate - what can you cut out of your budget  R       subject - what can you do to cut costs K       sustain - what do you own to sustain   After you own unhesitating your separation, you obtain transcribe a reflecting  on your spending morality. Make believing you address the following:    Overall  what do you do well-behaved-behaved when it comes to spending?  Are you spending on things you indeed deficiency or are you buying things you deficiency? What did you glean environing your spending morality? What surprises you environing your spending morality? What are you designs for spending?  What is your overall duty of your spending morality?