Sociology Discussion + 2 replies to classmates

Describe the incline in global disparity balance the succession of the developed eldership. Based on where we entertain been and where we are now, foreshadow where the earth may be a eldership from now. What foreshadowion would modernization scheme livelihood? What encircling dependency scheme? What do you apprehend procure betide? Why?   Discussion Grading Rubric Discussion Grading Rubric CriteriaRatingsPts This standard is linked to a Learning Outcome1. Answer to Discussion Question 3.0 ptsFive Criteria: 1) Understanding: displayed an praiseworthy mind of the required readings and underlying concepts, 2) Research: integrated applicable lore to livelihood tallys, 3) Deadline: met the deadline, 4) Word count: a restriction of 150 suffrage, 5) Fitness skills: well-organized and contained actually rectify sentences outside any spelling errors. 2.0 ptsMissed 1 grading criteria 1.0 ptsMissed 2 grading criteria 0.0 ptsMissed 2+ grading criteria, lore, or deadline 3.0 pts This standard is linked to a Learning Outcome2. Tally to Two Peers 2.0 ptsSix Criteria: 1) Quality: comments were explicitly united to assigned succession materials 2) Engaging: the mode of fitness facilitated despatch and meaningful interaction 3) Etiquette: showed regard and sensitivity to all backgrounds, 4) Writing skills: tallys were unoccupied of actual, spelling or punctuation errors, 5) Deadline: met the deadline, 6) Word count: a restriction of 100 suffrage per each tally. 1.0 ptsMissed 1 grading criteria 0.0 ptsMissed 1+ grading criteria or deadline 2.0 pts Total Points: 5.0