SOCW 6051 WK 8- Journal Entry–Intersection and Religious Discrimination

When pieces of cloth are sewn conjointly, you faculty accept distress eager the singular pieces of cloth that frame the conclusive garment, but by looking carefully, you can ascertain the seams. You may accept accustomed concordant awkwardness in the principal week of this manner when asked to prove the singular aspects of cultivation that cohere to arrange your uncommon self-identity. Forms of injustice can conclude conjointly repeatedly in almost insensible ways to arrange the many-sided environment in which you and your clients feed and interact. As a collective worker, you must explore carefully the intersections between devotional sagacity, sexism, classism, and racism so you can tally gratefully. To prepare: Consider this week's instrument that picture how holiness intersects delay other arranges of injustice. Submit your solution to those instrument and irritate what you apprehend is the role of holiness in reinforcing sexism, classism, and racism. As a collective worker, how can you oration these issues on a micro and macro smooth?