Sose HW

 Assignment 1 Refer to the K-12 Textbook you selected as you total this assignment.  The scholar portfolio you engender succeed be grounded upon this textbook. You should own engenderd a super ordeal by this point!    Now, engender the guidelines you would use in developing a scholar portfolio to screen the similar article.      Your guidelines should specify:    a. The object of the portfolio.    b. Who succeed own adit to the portfolio.    c. The calculate and types of entries scholars are expected to grasp.    d. The role of collaboration in developing portfolio entries.    e. The inclusion of self-evaluations of the entries.    f. The evaluation criteria to be assiduous.    Assignment 2  Directions:   Use the aftercited set of scores to:     (1) construct a abundance polygon delay a systematize moderationtime of 3    (2) construct a stem-and-leaf diagram    (3) compute the moderation, median, file, and scale inconsequence.       Student      Score         A              60         B              58         C              56         D              54         E              53         F              52         G              48         H              47         I               45         J               42         K              40         L              39         M             37         N              35         O              32         P              29         Q              28         R              20         S              15         T              10       Median =        Range =        Mean =       Standard inconsequence =