Resources: Microsoft® Excel® and PowerPoint® Select a multifold rectilineal course from your idiosyncratic estate or composition. INSTRUCTOR NOTE: YOU NEED RATIO LEVEL DATA FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, AND TO HELP YOU WITH THAT, I HAVE PROVIDED THE DATA BELOW THAT YOU SHOULD USE FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT. I.E. USE THIS DATA, NOT SOMETHING FROM YOUR PERSONAL LIFE OR WORK. (If you discern kinsman roll axioms, and deficiency to use celebrity from your idiosyncratic estate, proper let me perceive, and it would be fun to see your existent axioms. But most of you are going to proper deficiency to use the pursuit car axioms beneath.) Complete the following: Use Microsoft® Excel® to number the defined course metrics including abnormity and course capacity. SPECIFICALLY, TO DEFINE THE VARIATION AND PROCESS CAPABILITY, CALUATE STATISTICS FOR THE DATA TO INCLUDE THE MEAN, MEDAIN, MODE, RANGE, AND STANDARD DEVIATION OF THE DATA. Supplemental notes earn apprehend how I would relish you to use Excel to thorough the statisticalo calculations of the axioms supposing here: Data: Speed of Pursuit Car #10 for the decisive six laps of an auto pursuit. Speeds 202,199, 198, 200, 197, 199 (in miles per hour) Use Microsoft® Excel® to comple and spread-out the statistics for the course. Evaluate whether the course could blessing from the use of Six Sigma tools. Deliverable: NO PAPER IS DUE. SUBMIT AN EXCEL FILE SHOWING THE STATISTICAL CALCULATIONS FOR THE ABOVE DATA