Strategic Management

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Please answer the following homework questions from readings in chapters 10, 11, 12, & 13 inTextbook Strategy Management – An integrated Approach 10th ed. by Charles W. L. Hill) ISBN 9781111825843

Please follow the following steps:

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Strategic Management
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Answer each question FULLY. Make sure your answer conveys a well-developed understanding of the material and answer to each question should not be less than two pages. Please put a number to the answers.

I. As CEO of your company what are your thoughts regarding the attractiveness and disadvantages of the two (2) types of diversifications? Please discuss and contrast each.

II. As CEO please explain your understanding of the issues associated with the “agency problem” as it applies to a corporation and how the issues may be mitigated. Please thoroughly discuss !.

III. What are your thoughts as CEO of the concept and the associated steps in designing an effective “strategic control system” ?  Please thoroughly discuss. ( Hint…think of the result of your planning efforts )

IV. What are your views as CEO of the advantages and problems associated with managing corporate strategy through the multidivisional structure? Please thoroughly discuss.

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