Strategies, SWOT Analysis and Marketing Project essay

  STRATEGIES, SWOT ANALYSIS AND MARKETING PROJECT Strategies, SWOT Dissection and Marketing Project In this assignment, you achieve be fitness a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) dissection for a heartiness-care producer of your exquisite. First, pick-out a heartiness-care producer, one that you are frank after a while or one in your sympathy or one that you are interrogative about. Research and retrospect online notice. You achieve insufficiency to behold at the aftercited notice: The heartiness producer website: Annual reports, etc. CMS.Gov description reports Healthgrades axioms and/or enduring contentment scores/ratings County or regional demographics For your Nursing Dissertation, you achieve do the aftercited:       1. Introduce your producer and produce setting notice (1-2 pages).       2. Based on the notice collected, enlarge a SWOT dissection in chart or register format. Two strengths of your producer Two weaknesses of your producer  Two opportunities for your producer  Two threats to this producer       3. Produce reasoning and buttress for your dissection (minimum two sentences per exquisite).        4. Enlarge a trafficing flyer directed to a point portion of the producer’s traffic that highlights their strengths (one flyer).            The peculiar way lore outcomes associated after a while this assignment are as follows: Analyze the U.S. heartiness-care arrangement at persomal, regional, recite, and exoteric levels.  Examine the influence of political, economic, and social factors on the unadorned and vulgar structure of the U.S. health-care arrangement.   Determine the uncertain roles and responsibilities of interdisciplinary heartiness-care team members and the required credentials.