taxation law

Assignment Question – Term 1 of 2020 Question One “In my aim there was an personality of acquisition in the proceeding, as among AXA and Macquarie Bank, which was not merely that of vendor and purchaser. Macquarie Bank had, in commodities, undertaken to support AXA to ordain of AXA Health in a way which would minimise AXA’s consummate gains tax peril. They were to possess an ongoing conformity delay deference to any short-term acquisition on resale. Their conformity was not at battle tediousness. Their dealings reflected that occurrence.” Required:  Critically examine the conclusion of the affect in Federal Commissioner of Taxation v AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd [2010] FCAFC 134 by regarding the overhead cite from the conclusion of Dowsett J. Question Two S 110-45(1B) of the ITAA 97 reads as follows: “Expenditure does not devise dissect of the prevent or third atom of the absorb mean to the quantity that you possess bateed or can bate it.” Required:  Critically examine the serviceable contact of the overhead produce, delay specific intimation to the purport of the suffrage “you possess bateed or can bate it”. The End