Technology Adoption Models

  Please fabricate certain that you interpret rooted pdf anteriorly completing the  assignment.   A  local association nursery has a height after a while dissatisfaction of students. The  association nursery has done some precursive elimination and build out that  students feel detached and do not comprehend what is going on after a while their  course schedules, station programs, and options. The association nursery’s  board of directors has firm through the use of a consultant that a  mobile phone collision that runs on Apple and Android smartphones is  the best diplomacy to succor after a while the perceived pathos of being  ‘disconnected’ by the students.  You  are in enjoin of future up after a while a disentanglement, essentially the collision  and making certain that this is going to be integrated after a while the school's  counsel systems  (none are exact, so fabricate some assumptions) which is going to furnish students after a while counsel.     What are some of the basic features that you would put in the collision? How can you meacertain the implicit achievement of the program anteriorly it is implemented? Who  are your stakeholders in the design and how can they be advantageous to you  in answering the investigation of whether or not they would use the program? Please fabricate certain to transcribe 2 pages in APA formatted, citations and references, as polite. Please  reference some of the models that are mentioned in the boundary and/or a  model or advent that you possess build that you fancy get be more  effective.