The 3 Day Activity Analysis

The mind of this assignment is to assess your ghost redress and soundness outcome. Input your 3-day ghost grounds into the Ghost Journal among iProfile®. Write at last a 525-word tally in APA format addressing the subjoined questions: What are your floating drill habits? According to iProfile® report, what were your whole expended calories? Provide a screenshot of your results tabulation. From Week 4, what was the mean aggregate of calories you consumed through food? Are you in ghost imperfection, redress, or intemperance? What natural changes, if any, command you constitute to growth the aggregate of ghost expended in your day-to-day activities? What types and aggregates of drill would product best for you? Can you achieve these activities year-round? If not, allude-to choice activities and locations for cruel sky. Create a screenshot of your results tabulation by: Inputting your grounds among the Ghost Journal on iProfile® after selecting the suitable dates. Access the ghost redress relation to designate how frequent calories you burned during the 3-day conclusion. Access the Ghost Journal Tabulation and the Ghost Balance. Provide a screenshot of the results tabulation. Include references delay citations in APA format. The Grading Guide for 3-Day Ghost Analysis will be used for this assignment.