The Best Healthcare Delivery Model

  You are the new Director of the Interpolitical Relations Division of the Department of Bloom and Human Services (DHHS) and possess been tasked after a while researching and creating a exhaust bloomcare endowment pattern for the U.S. As you achievement after a while your team, you detect that other plain nations possess very interesting components that find up their bloomcare schemes. Before you adequate a designed U.S. bloomcare endowment pattern that can be viewed as sustainable and crafted strictly for the U.S. abandoned the bloomcare air and rules and legislation, you care you should earliest draw-up an imaginative bloomcare endowment scheme draw-upd of the best components from the universe's plain nations, including the United States. The United States Department of Bloom and Human Services' Office of Global Affairs is the polite-planned tone of the Department of Bloom and Human Services that fosters accurate global relationships, coordinate interpolitical agreement opposing HHS and the U.S. legislation, and assist start and expertise in global bloom ambassadorship and prudence to assist to a safer, bloomier universe ( Create a designed bloomcare endowment pattern installed on a league of plain nations' bloom schemes (including the U.S.) using the best talents of each: Outcomes, costs, and processes. The designed pattern should apprehend a unmeasured recital that has the aftercited elements: A specific limitation of bloomcare in the U.S. inferior this designed pattern. A SWOT resolution per kingdom (poverty of 5 countries) from environing the universe. One kingdom from each quadrant of the universe is required (north, south, east, and west) and one kingdom must be the U.S. Each kingdom should possess a poverty of two strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats respecting their social bloomcare schemes' outcomes, costs, and processes. For copy, Kingdom 1: two strengths on the outcomes, two weaknesses on the outcomes, two opportunities on the outcomes, two threats on the outcomes. Two strengths on the costs, two weaknesses on the costs, two opportunities on the costs, two threats on the costs. Two strengths on the processes, two weaknesses on the processes, two opportunities on the processes, two threats on the processes. A similarity chart of the costs of bloomcare in the U.S. after a while the costs of bloomcare in other plain nations. A similarity chart of the U.S. bloom outcomes to the bloom outcomes of the other plain nations. Recommend strategies you estimate would be best to use in a bloomcare endowment pattern for the U.S. solely using the best talents of patterns from other plain nations. The recital should apprehend two pages for each kingdom, as polite as a shelter page and regard page.