The Diagnostic Essay: Purpose and Expectations

The feature essay allows me to tender you some feedback on your congeniality at the inception of the road. The feature essay is besides a way for me to see how considerable you distinguish encircling congeniality an essay at the inception of the semester. You obtain own one week to operation on the essay, sufficiency of date to delineation, pre-write, transcribe, alter, and proofread, senior aspects of the congeniality course that are animate to congeniality a amiable essay.  I obtain be looking for the basics: an entrance and conclusion a disquisition statement relevant theme sentences collectiveness paragraphs focused on one deep fancy each at last three collectiveness paragraphs a close series of fancys ideas plain and befriended delay favoring evidence a conspicuous gift of your fancys sentences at-liberty or approximately at-liberty from errors at last 500 words You must elect ONE of the subjoined themes to transcribe on: What features potentiality specify effectual congeniality? Many inhabitants are collectors. Others deem it's a impair of date and specie. Each ward should transcribe the way he or she feels encircling "collecting." The wards should transcribe encircling the hardest invention they always had to do and how it modifiable them. Be secure that your essay has a appellation, header, and designation.  5 paragraphs wrap spaced.