the first decade (1900-1909)

  Start exploring truth between 1900-1909. The singly government is that you can't transcribe environing the US. You can examination what was happening in the opportunity that you are greatering in at that age (what were the greater philosophical discoveries at the transform of the antiquity?); habit trends (what would you be wearing, and who would be making those vesture in 1905?); culinary trends (could you get a hamburger in Mexico City in 1908?); despatch advances (how hanker would it capture to get a side of information from Johannesburg to London in 1905?). We are peeping environing how you do your examination. Did you google it? If so - what exploration promise did you use? If you used a work - what work is it? Ideally, you'll try to transcribe at smallest 150 signification environing celebrity that happened, someplace or someone - or someone, someplace during celebrity that happened (see what I did there?). Don't harass too abundant environing the prolixity, the sharp-end of this habit is to get you to habit uploading assignments hither, and set-out thinking environing the gone-by.