The Price Elasticity of Demand and Tariffs/ Strategic Rsource Management

You are the CEO of a assemblage.  You obtain accept to teach to your Consultation of Director how proposed tariffs obtain mitigated movables your avail. First, laudable one of the aftercited companies: Fresh Foods on the Move - Fresh Foods on the Move imports fruits and vegetables from Mexico for sale to large manufacturers who system those products which are abundantly sold in grocery stores in the US. The charge resilientity of insist for stay in a rich state love the US is almost 0.15. We Build Big - We Build Big is one of the largest developers of residential comaspect in the US.  We Build Big, builds perfect subject from hall complexes to new unmarried family homes.  Critical materials such as encumber, gypsum consultation, forge metal etc are abundantly immanent twain Canada and Mexico.  The charge resilientity of insist for housing is 1.0. Any US Auto Maker - Any US Auto Maker motor assemblage is one of the oldest and one of the largest auto manufacturers in the US.  The Any US Auto Maker yield security perversees twain the Canadian and the Mexican consultationer and magnitude of perfect car assembled in the US may perverse the consultationer and pay a tariff multiple spells.  The charge resilientity for automobiles is 1.2. Now teach: Is the insist flexion relatively resilient, inresilient or unitary resilient.  For perfect 10% acception in the charge of the cheerful you dispose-of, how plenteous does the quantity insisted abate? Given the quantity of resilientity your assemblage faces would you applaud to the Consultation that you by on to the consumer: none of the consume acceptions from the tariff; some of th consume acception from the tariff; all of consume acceptions from the tariff? Why is this policy benefit-service maximizing beneath the state? Strategic Resource Management     Propose two ways that a assemblage can effect a competitive custom balance other companies when striving to refresh job mendicants. Determine whether technology has assisted or hindered the system.  Imagine you are top of the HR line, and you accept been asked to re-examination two mendicants for the sales clerk aspect at your assemblage. Alice, the principal mendicant has 10 years of proof in sales labor, but can be amply scared. She obtain not labor on trust and cannot labor weekends. She can be a dwarf pertinacious, but has an laudable job truth. Mary, the assist mendicant, has one year proof, but very ununcongenial and loves laboring delay commonalty. Her labor catalogue is very flexile, but she can beseem a dwarf stressed at spells and has been disclosed for having to quietly liberty and regroup for a condensed spell. Determine which claimant would be the “right fit”. Support your firmness by describing the conception system that direct up to your firmness