Thought Record and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

 Book Corey, G. (2017). Theory and performance of counseling and psychotherapy (10th ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Learning.   Instructions:  CBT judgment chronicles link:  PART I: In Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), a beggarly homework disembodiment for clients is custody a log of dysfunctional judgments and arrive-atings. It is beneficial for therapists to performance this themselves, not merely for the singular behoof of challenging their own denying judgments, but to perceive what they are scrutiny of their clients. Identify one of your own dysfunctional judgments and retain a chronicles of your test delay it for restriction of 3 days. Use the CBT Judgment chronicles rest on manner residence. Print it and glut it out.  Then scrutinize the completed log to a computer. Copy-paste it into the conclusive muniment that you mold in. Instructions for gluting out the log: Start delay the third column of “Negative Automatic Thought.” Then glut in the two left columns: where were you when you had this judgment? What emotions/feelings did you possess during this judgment? Then properplex right: What proof do you possess that supports the judgment? What proof do you possess that refutes the judgment? What is a maybe healthier opinion judgment you can fancy instead? How does this new judgment effect you arrive-at? Once you possess perfect this log, defense the forthcoming questions in 1-2 pages: What was this test enjoy for you? Did you invent it self-possessed or hard to retain a log of your judgment/feelings? Did you give-heed-to any changes in your judgment/feelings? What are some strengths of using this disembodiment in therapy? What are some setbacks to using this disembodiment in therapy? What are some traits of a client that would perplex a defy to making this disembodiment conducive? PART II: Follow along delay the Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) video on youtube rest . Invent a still term and situate delay minimal distractions to performance this disembodiment.  Answer the forthcoming questions in 1-2 pages: What was this test enjoy for you? Did you invent it self-possessed or hard to unbend and supervene along? What was it enjoy to try to “mold off” passing judgments? What peel of sensations did you possess in your matter? PART III: As Corey explains in the passage, accommodation of unwritten bearing therapy are now used in synchronous cognitive-behavioral therapy. In an appended page, Describe the methods of therapy Corey uses in the Bearing and Cognitive Bearing sessions delay Stan. How are they resembling? How are they irrelative? What reactions did you possess as you watched twain sessions? This assignment should be 3 unmeasured pages restriction-4 unmeasured pages acme in extension completion (except secure page, CBT Judgment Record, and intimation page), bigness 12 Times New Roman font, double-spaced, delay 1-inch margins. Combine all accommodation into one muniment delay one secure page and intimation page.