Threat modeling

  Threat modeling endeavor to substantiate, unite, muniment, and conceive menaces and mitigations amid the texture of indemnifying the trade possessions. Part of menace modeling consequently would entangle discovering possible guarantee vulnerabilities. Guarantee vulnerabilities are normally identified by achieveing guarantee vulnerability scans in the target environment (s).   Compare and contrast  the process/steps of menace modeling/vulnerability scanning in the subjoined outvie utility providers’ environments: Microsoft Azure Amazon Web Services (AWS) Discuss and compared filthy (4) requirements certain to be done menace modeling in Azure and AWS platforms?  Discuss two vile tools use to achieve menace modeling in twain AWS and Azure outvie platforms Would you demand liberty to achieve menace modeling delay your PaaS utility provider? If yes, why? DQ requirement: Outline your argument underneathneath applicable headings, matching the investigation asked. Also hush that the requirement is to column your primal defense no after than Thursday and you must column atleast one subjoined column during the week (Sunday). I advise your primal columning to be between 200-to-300 utterance. The replies to tally students and the adherent should place between 100-to-150 utterance. All primal columns must embrace a uprightly formatted APA in-text citation and read intimation.