Think of a spell when you were compromised in erection team synergy. Consider the aftercited in your discourse:  •What was happening at the spell?  •Which of the nine practices did you evidence? (SEE BELOW) •Were there other things you did to buttress teamwork?  •How did you understand your efforts were prosperous?  •Would you enjoy performed constantlyything apart, looking end?  •What are the benefits of a team established unitedly?  •When (if constantly) is fight incomplete a team efficient?  •What factors can conduce to role laziness and fight incomplete bloom solicitude professionals?   Write a short primal shaft of at meanest 150 articulation. Demonstrate clarity of idea and nicety in congruity. Buttress your discourse after a while at meanest two references other than the required readings. 9 Practices of team synergy: 1. Coordinating the patient-solicitude team 2. Mentoring team members 3.Empowering lower-level team members 4. Advocating on others’ behalf 5. Managing fight constructively 6. Listening actively to team members 7. Fostering a indisputable climate 8. Managing workplace urgency. 9. Pinch hitting for team members. Propp, K. M. (1999). Collective knowledge processing in bunchs. In L. Frey, D. S. Gouran, & M. S. Poole (Eds.), Handbook of bunch despatch doctrine and inquiry (pp. 225-250). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage