FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, YOU NEED TO USE LABOR AND DELIVERY NURSING. CHOOSE A HOSPITAL IN DENVER COLORADO. OPTIONS INCLUDE:  GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL  200 EXEMPLA CIR LAFAYETTE CO 80026 AVISTA ADVENTIST HOSPITAL 100 HEALTH PARK DR LOUISVILLE CO 80027 Safety, Quality, and Informatics Overview For this assignment, you achieve test a elder enduring security offspring amid your own construction and then amplify a project using evidence-domiciled best actions and technology to amend the security offspring. In this element, you achieve be demonstrating your talents in Program Outcomes 2, 3, 4, and 6: Program Outcome 2: Security and Power Practices: Incorporate concepts of enduring security, clinical discourse, and power amendment to amend enduring outcomes. Program Outcome 3: Nursing Research and Informatics: Incorporate evidence-domiciled action interventions (such as advice systems or enduring trouble technologies) as misspend for managing the intelligent and constant trouble of endurings promoting soundness opposite the lifespan. Program Outcome 4: Policy, Finance, and Regulations: Imply the object and role of cunning, finance, and regulatory environments in harmony to peculiar and population outcomes. Program Outcome 6: Organizational and Systems Management: Apply recognition of constructional action, nursing doctrine, and systems (micro and macro) as misspend for the object and role of one's own action.Before you originate, inspect your construction's fact of security in a inequitconducive area, and how your construction discoursees enduring security offsprings. If practicable, ask-advice-of delay a key stakeholder in the construction (such as an official) to rectify imply inequitconducive enduring security concerns and how the construction is established to explain the concerns.  This peculiar should so be conducive to sift-canvass some of the constructional barriers impacting the enduring security offspring. Next, behold at the basic concepts, principles, and actions that conduce to constructional power amendment and enduring security.  Review the erudition for best actions and how technology jurisdiction be used to amend the offspring.  Finally, be unmistakable to revolve the allowable and intellectual implications associated delay the security offspring; and practicconducive constructional barriers to qualify. Requirements Be unmistakable you discourse each object as totally as practicable. Describe a enduring security offspring amid your construction. Compare the way your construction discoursees enduring security offsprings delay the concepts, principles, and actions that conduce to power amendment and enduring security. Analyze the allowable and intellectual consequences of not discourseing the offspring. Recommend evidence-domiciled interventions to discourse the enduring security offspring. Explain how technology can be used to amend the offspring. Identify practicconducive constructional barriers to qualify (budget, anticipation, technology, or others). Describe strategies to subdue constructional barriers to qualify, domiciled on your recognition of the construction. Your completed assignment should be 8–10 pages in prolixity not including diction page and relation page, and understand relations and citations to at smallest 5 erudite and negotiative supported instrument.  Be unmistakable you supervene APA guidelines for format and diction. Additional Requirements Understand a diction page and relation page. At smallest 5 prevalent erudite or negotiative instrument. All relations formatted according to APA guidelines. Times New Roman font, 12 object. Double-spaced.