Unit 5 Java

   Program Description: For this scheme, you succeed transcribe a Java program that demonstrates separation handling. Your program succeed confirm from the user ten quantity and situate them in an draw-up. The quantity in the draw-up succeed be external conjointly and the effect vaulted to the user. The program succeed collate the values for the principal two elements in the draw-up (only) and designate which estimate is larger and declaration that notification on hide. Then distribute the larger estimate by the smaller estimate and declaration the effect of that circumspection. The program must use separation handling to elude disruption by cipher blunders or out of class blunders, then introduce a well-behaved-inclined blunder missive to the user. The program must then quote (loop), instigation the user for new axioms memorandum. When the user enters 9999, the program must close on the present loop cycle, and this must be indicated in the program extract (“Enter 9999 to departure.”) Project Steps: Create a new scheme denominated "ExceptionHandler." (Custom classes are not needed.) Write adjudication to confirm quantity entered by the user. Use blunder handling to fix that merely quantity are confirmed. Write adjudication to add all values in the draw-up conjointly and vault the effect to the user. Write adjudication to collate the principal two values in the draw-up and declaration the effects Write adjudication to distribute the larger estimate by the smaller estimate from the over comparison Use blunder handling to fix that the program doesn’t resonance if it attempts to distribute a estimate by cipher. Prompt the user for another set of ten quantity. If the user entered 9999 during axioms memorandum in the decisive loop cycle, close the program. Use separation handling to direct out of class separations (merely quantity are entered) Use separation handling to direct disruption by cipher separations (as glorious) Use separation handling to direct by omission any blunders that don’t droop into the over categories. Using Catch blocks, vault the account of any separations to the user. Output instructions to the hide so that the user succeed understand how to produce-an-effect the program and what to foresee. Use adjudication comments to annotate your adjudication, indicating what each verse of adjudication does as well-behaved-behaved as how it works. Make permanent the program runs truly precedently meekness. (Your preceptor is short to help!) Create an essential-quality diagram that illustrates how your program works. Your diagram must embody all the axioms items in your program. Formal UML is not required but may be used if preferred. (You may use any software for this, but it must be acquiesceted in Microsoft Word.) ZIP your scheme folder and acquiesce that and your Word instrument (containing the essential-quality diagram) to the gateway for grading. This assignment succeed too be assessed using concomitant criteria supposing (see affection).