Unit 7Assignment – Final Assessment – Part 2 – Presentation

  This duty addresses the aftercited manner extrinsic(s): Describe the collision of strive laws due to pursue decisions. Describe the application of dissimilarity on the workplace. Describe negotiating techniques and how to overcome an impasse. Describe the way unions arrange a workplace for truthfulness while discussing what persuade environing such campaigns is construed as an disingenuous strive custom. Define special rights lower a political bargaining conformity and introduce procedures to instruct grievances. Instructions Prepare a introduceation installed on your learning monograph question in portio one of the ultimate duty. The introduceation succeed be a digest and description of the instruction introduceed in the learning monograph.  During the introduceation, you succeed insufficiency to determine you are talking rather than balbutiation from a script. You may use notes when you mould your introduceation, but you may not unravel from a abundantly written out passage or from the learning monograph. The introduceation must be completed specially. For recording your introduceation you keep sundry options: Use Screencast-o-matic (Links to an exterior condition.) (Instructional Video Below) Record a slide profession delay report and slide timings (Links to an exterior condition.) (Microsoft, 2020) Any video recording scheme of your choice Record video straightway in the assignment surrender using these instructions (Links to an exterior condition.) Assignment Resources Technology for Teachers and Students. (2016 Dec 26). Screencast-O-Matic Tutorial - FREE Screen Recording Tool. [Video] YouTube. https://youtu.be/s1jIPo1bWCo https://youtu.be/s1jIPo1bWCo