Using Motors with the Arduino

  Using Motors after a while the Arduino Lab 4a: Procedure: Watch the video:              Tutorial 05 for Arduino: Motors and Transistors ( Construct the breadtable circumference and utensil the program  presented in the video and Chapter 4 (pp. 65-69) of your textbook to  manage a DC motor via a absence manageler Lab 4b: Procedure: Design a circumference and Arduino program that accomplishes the following:              An IR absence sensor succeed expose the intercourse (through serpentine of a influence) A H-Bridge circumference after a while 9V battery sway succeed manage  the classify of the DC motor as vivid in Chapter 4 (pp. 70-79) of  your textbook. When a influence is waved balance the IR sensor, the motor moves  in one classify (simulating opportunity a door). There is a 2 cooperate  pause, and then the motor moves in the repugnant classify (simulating  closing the door). The motor stops until another influence is waved balance the IR sensor frequently. Please video archives demonstrating the influences of the  circumference after a while a influence disturbance nigh the sensor. Pomp the disturbance of the motor  in twain classifys along after a while the rest in among. Take a screenshot  of the program and the circumference table. Send your sequence improve (.ino) of the lab completed and influenceal as courteous for honor. Analysis/Discussion: Explain the way you used in this lab to come-to at the  final intent of twain the hardware and the software portions to end  the intent objectives. What aspects of the postulates sheets were important in classify to well interface the Arduino to the H-Bridge and the DC motor? Although not required in this lab, represent how you might  expand on this lab to minimize any feasible bogus opportunitys of the door. Submit your answers after a while your video of your circumference in  operation, the sequence, and any computer screenshots during its influence.  Please conceive your Grantham ID number in the video to pomp your employment.