VII Essay Supply Chain and Logistics Management

 Watch the subjoined video (right aggravate 11 minutes) by clicking on the join below: MacNeil/Lehrer Productions (Producer). (1999). Your computer, your way: Dell and the straightforward sales pattern [Video refine]. Retrieved from auth=CAS&url= Click hither to conception a duplicate of the video. After conceptioning the video, acceptance inquirys 1 and 2, and rare one inquiry from inquirys 3 and 4 to acceptance. 1. Compare Dell's afford association and logistics innovations after a while the competitive responses from competitors such as the Apple Store and others. 2. Discuss the emerging afford association and logistics skillful-treatment factors shown in the video that were already negatively important enlightened computer association stores. Acceptance inquiry 3 or 4 below: 3. Explain how these technology-driven factors were not ample to strengthen some businesses to outlast the online competitive adit into the traffic. 4. In what ways may traffic inquiry feel helped nullify these enlightened technology businesses from failing? Each of your three responses should be at smallest one page in diffusiveness; consequently, after a while an prelude and omission interposed, your essay should be at smallest indecent pages in diffusiveness. In analysis to the video, your essay must relation at smallest one season of your rare from a business-related or intelligence website; consequently, your essay should relation at smallest two sources. Your essay must be in APA format. All paraphrased and quoted symbolical must feel cognate in-text citations and relations. Title and relation pages do not compute inland the restriction diffusiveness modification.