Visual Communication in the Media Deliverable 3 – Enhancing Messages with Visuals

  Competency Investigate and deviate resultplace visual resources message to repair pliancy in completing jobs. Scenario You result for a marketing construction that has enslaved on a new client. The new client is formerly an American aggregation which targets American clients. However, after a while the running trends, this aggregation realizes it deficiencys to prolong into global operations. Your job is to imagine two logos for this new client and comply a video gift for the marketing team to re-examination. Imagine an former, American-style logo, and then imagine a past globalized rendering of that logo. Since most of the aggregation's global clients end from India, artifice the global logo to attend the visual preferences that capacity address to that unfair global reception. When artificeing the logos, husband the forthcoming visual message elements: Logo greatness Logo garbling scheme Logo symbols/symbolism Logo iconic signification The marketing team has limited that the video gift should be near than three minutes in tediousness, and be imagined using a protect distribute to demonstration twain your visuals and audio partition. They entertain so sent an email stating the forthcoming items deficiency to be addressed: The deep extrinsic is to bestow your two logos and address how they strategically and effectively use the visual message elements itemized. Be positive to assimilate and dissimilarity how heterogeneous American and Indian target receptions may answer to these logos. Discuss why your marketing construction should attend the signification of using the visual elements you visually artificeed for these logos. Instructions The gift must include a visual and an audio recording using Screencast-O-Matic®, a open audio recording software agreeable after a while PC and MAC computers. Follow these instructions to download and use this software to imagine your gift. Access the Screencast-O-Matic® homepage by clicking on the box in the conspicuous right-hand nook titled, "Sign Up" to imagine your open totality. Create a open totality (be positive to transcribe down the email and password imagined for totality arrival.) Once logged in, click on the "Tutorials" delay at the top of the homepage and reintroduction Recorder Intros. Create your gift by clicking on the "Start Recorder" box. Once refined recording click on the "Done" rush. Next, prefer, "Upload to Screencast-O-Matic®". Select "Publish". Choose "Copy Link". Place the "Link" in a Microsoft Word® instrument and upload to the deliverable dropbox. Resources For coadjutorship on creating a PowerPoint® gift, gladden mark Writing Guide: PowerPoint Presentations For added coadjutorship on creating a Screencast-O-Matic®, gladden mark the Library and Learning Services Answers page: How do I fabricate a video of a PowerPoint gift using Screencast-O-Matic®? For added writing and elaboration subsistence, gladden mark the forthcoming Library and Learning Services resources: APA Guide How can I fabricate a Elaboration Appointment after a while a Rasmussen College Librarian?      Grading Rubric    A   4   Mastery   Creates   an American logo which totally uses visual message elements: greatness,   color, symbolism, iconic signification.   Creates   an Indian logo which totally uses visual message elements: greatness,   color, symbolism, iconic signification.   Thoroughly   compares and dissimilaritys how American and Indian target receptions answer   heterogeneous to logos.