W5 Article Analysis

Ch9:    Ferrell, L, Ferrell, O.C., & Fraedrich, J. (2018). Business Ethics: Holy Decision Making and Cases (12th ed.). Cengage.  ISBN: 9781337614436 Please choice a peer-reviewed period from library on the topics for the open week. Analyze the period and correlate to your single ethics duty results. You are encouraged to distribute some biased issues of your duty results to influence your judgment. However, if you would love to preserve your results retired, you can talk to your results in open conditions. Topics:   Define ethics auditing Identify the benefits and limitations of ethics      auditing Examine the challenges of measuring nonfinancial      performance Explore the stages of the ethics-auditing process Understand the strategic role of the ethics audit    Write a 1-2 page tabulation on your segregation of the period to your duty results and how you judge this full has increased your holy self-awareness. Please comprise alternatives, segregation, contact, and exercise. The assignment should be submitted as a Word muniment and APA format is required. The designation page and relation page are not counted in the 1-2 page capacity.  Include your results from this assignment the ethics portfolio (attached); see issue.