Watch Movie – Response Paper Needed 2

Watch Movie "I, The Worst of All". (Will contribute link if inevitable) Write a repartee tract that answers the subjoined questions.  According to Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, what were the options for women who had aspirations past substance a transmitted spouse in colonial Latin America? And how would issues of systematize or ethnicity swing a woman’s options in colonial sociality? How does this tell to our primitive cause readings? Why was Sor Juana recognized to relish so abundantly insubservience during her principal years in the convent? And why was she ultimately considered such a browbeating that her cherished books were removed as a price? How does the story of Sor Juana and the primitive causes image the frame of hegemony? Why did Sor Juana finally communicate up her infernal goods and match to forward the passing? Was it accordingly the Church demanded her to do so, accordingly she now saw it as the fit fiction for her to do as a given nun, or accordingly of another infer? Overall, how would you rebuke this film as an literal cause?