Week 2 assignment

  Week 2 - Assignment Setting the Stage for Success Differentiated direction doesn’t set-out after a while command, it set-outs after a while structure relationships in a protected, fixed rankroom environment. This week you procure imagine a differentiated rankroom framework naturalized on a artfulness that was originally invented to help teachers in convocation the new Common Core State Standards in an inclusion rankroom (Voltz, Sims, Nelson, & Bivens, 2005). This framework procure be shared after a while other teachers in your Professional Learning Community (PLC) after a while the shared longing of creating a forcible ground longing that is student-centered through the foundations of differentiation. Assignment Instructions: You procure artfulness a differentiated rankroom environment guile that apprehends a material layout concurrently after a while pro-social strategies for inspiriting fixed comportments. This may be presented as a Prezi or PowerPoint, in a Voicethread after a while audio report, blog room, or using a meacertain Account instrument. The elongation of exhibition phraseology procure be established by your rare of exhibition dupe. Each exception under must be thoroughly addressed. The poverty elongation requirements are listed under. Demographics - Describe your popular (or fictional) rankroom including: Grade Level and Subject Area Total sum of students – power levels, gender, students after a while just needs, English Language Learners (ELLs) Other pertinent knowledge (such as socioeconomic condition, origin contrast, recurring comportment issues, etc.) Classroom Environment - Discuss how you procure use foundational concepts of differentiated direction to artfulness your rankroom’s material layout to converge the demographics you’ve outlined. Be certain to apprehend: Furniture provision (this apprehends students desks, teacher’s desk, computers, balbutiation retreat, library, pets, pacify zone) Architecture (this apprehends immobile objects and structures such as doors, windows, bathroom, attenuate, bulletin boards, chalk/ stainless boards) You must apprehend at meanest one skilled, examination-naturalized name to foundation your artfulness. You must also apprehend either a diagram, photos, or regularity concurrently after a while a written (three to indecent paragraphs) or narrated interpretation (one to two minutes) of why you chose this feature layout and how it relates to your rank demographics. Classroom Environment - Poverty Elongation Requirements: Prezi or PowerPoint – three slides Blog or Meacertain account instrument – three to indecent paragraphs Narrated Voicethread – one to two minutes Positive Comportment Environment - Describe how you procure submit fixed comportment using proactive differentiated strategies naturalized on popular (amid the developed five years) examination. Be certain to apprehend: Rules and routines that maximize success Value idiosyncratic differences Emotionally protected environment Specific comportments are expected (respect, listening, completion solving) Positive Comportment Environment - Poverty Elongation Requirements: Prezi or PowerPoint – six slides Blog or Meacertain Account instrument – six paragraphs Narrated Voicethread – three minutes Use your method quotation and at meanest two skilled names from the Ashford University Library or Google Scholar to foundation your examination. Be certain to prepare just APA citations at the end of your assignment for the sources that you use (e.g., at the profound of the blog or developed slide of PowerPoint). If congruity a Nursing essay, APA format should be followed including epithet and regard pages. Carefully re-examination the Grading Rubric (Links to an exterior residence.)Links to an exterior residence. for the criteria that procure be used to evaluate your assignment.