Week 2 Project

   Assessment of Strategic Leaders Remember: This order has elder design assignments that conciliate be due in Weeks 3 and 5. It conciliate receive further than a week’s endeavor to adequately full them. Plan era to set-out the investigation and other product for those assignments antecedent than the week in which they are due. This week’s assignment is disjoined from the elder design. For this weeks’ assignment, judge the aftercited leaders: · Abraham Lincoln · Socrates · Mahatma Gandhi · Mother Teresa · Barack Obama · Muhtar Kent · Herb Kelleher · Howard Schultz · You may too excellent other well-behaved-behaved unconcealed leaders after a while approval of the instructor Research any two of these leaders and assess what makes or made these leaders strategic. In your similarity too judge: · What commonalities can you identify in provisions of these leaders’ personalities, message modes, ego, personal conciliate, and other commencement qualities? · What appearance exists to insinuate the leaders were (or weren’t) committed to extent? · How did they set-up preposterous organizations (or movements)? · What lessons can you synthesize from your consider of the leaders and apportion to repair your own commencement performance? Submission Details · Submit your disquisition as a 3 page Microsoft Word muniment, using APA mode after a while scholarly references.