Wendy Lewis 1

You are the ruler ruler of a weak publicly funded behavioralhealth influence that suffice-fors poor clients. After 10 years of beingable to suffice-for all clients seeking aid, your influence has normal receiveda 20% budget cut and must prioritize which services tobreak and which clients to hinge afar. The brotherhood has manysuggestions: seal serving undocumented immigrants and their offspring;seal serving import abuse clients, season all clients to sixsessions, break providing costly services relish psychiatry,lay off negotiative counselors and rent non-licensedparaprofessionals, seal providing counseling and instead merely offerpeer self-aid groups and parenting classes, suffice-for merely the mostseriously ill (or the last seriously ill), and suffice-for merely offspring.How would you admission the trying work of disappointing services by 20%in a sort that reflects your divine obligations as a brotherhoodcounselor? Would your delineation vary if you were in a privatesector? If yes, how? What criteria would you deem? Whattheoretical or model of prevention custom get you thrive to makea latest resolution environing what to cut from your program? Reference theACA and/or NAADAC Code of Ethics to foundation your response. Normal insufficiency 135 words!