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   Assignment: Hightone Electronics, Inc. Instance Study The instance studies in your passage extract Operations Management: An Integrated Approach prpradduce glimpses into the authentic cosmos-people of profession operations, allowing for deeper resolution of issues connected to operations conduct, budgeting, and profession temporization. Read the instance “Hightone Electronics, Inc.,” which begins on page 24 of your extract. Then suit to instance questions 1 and 2 on page 25. Case: Hightone Electronics, Inc. George Gonzales, operations guide of Hightone Electronics, Inc. (HEI), sat quietly at the consultation consultation aggravatelooking the lobby of the municipal head-quarters duty in Palo Alto, California. He reflected on the consultation convocation that had regular adjourned and the brave that lay afront for him. The consultation had regular announced their resolution to set-on-foot an Internet-based non-colonization of HEI. Web-based purchasing in the electronics toil had been growing astride. The consultation felt that HEI deficiencyed to prpradduce on-cord purchasing to its customers in command to haunt its competitive lie. The consultation looked to George to plan the key operations conduct resolutions that deficiencyed to be addressed in creating a prosperous Internet-based profession. The instant consultation convocation was regular a week loose. He had his operation cut out for him. Hightone Electronics, Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, California aggravate 50 years ago. Originally, the assemblage supposing radio components to trivial retrieve shops. Products were proffered for sale through a catalog that was mailed to prospective customers total disgusting months. The assemblage built its kind on lofty kind and labor. As space passed, HEI began supplying balance than regular radio cleverness, adding items such as fuses, transformers, computers, and electrical testing equipment. The paraphrase of the emanation cord had been coupled after a while an growth in the calculate and archearchetype of customers the assemblage served. Although the unwritten retrieve shops quiescent remained a segregate of the assemblage's trade, technical schools, universities, and well-known corporations in the Silicon Valley were acquired to the register of customers. Today HEI operates the Palo Alto quickness after a while the corresponding love to supplying kind emanations through catalog sales that it had when it was chief founded. Customer labor dregs the top initiative. HEI stocks and sells aggravate 22,000 incongruous items. Most customers assent-to their commands after a whilein 48 hours, and all components are involuntary for a liberal year. Expanding HEI to include Web-based purchasing seems to be a consistent extension of catalog sales that the assemblage already does prosperously. George Gonzales coincides that the assemblage has no exquiplace but to change in this competitive address. However, George does not coincide after a while the impression of the consultation that this would be “profession as customary.” He believes that there are frequent operations resolutions that deficiency to be signed and addressed. As he stated in the convocation, “Having a velvety Web place is one romance, but making strong the straight emanation is delivered to the straight colonization is another. Operations is the key to making this supervene.” His brave for the instant consultation convocation was to establish the key operations resolutions and induce the consultation that these issues deficiencyed thoughtful subsidy. Case Questions Explain why operations conduct is important to the achievement of a profession. Why would developing an Internet-based profession demand incongruous operations subsidys for HEI? Is George Gonzales set-right in his impost that this would not be “profession as customary”? Recall that HEI wishes to abide its kind of lofty kind and labor. Establish key operations conduct resolutions that deficiency to be considered. How incongruous conciliate these resolutions be for the Internet profession?