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  Purpose of Assignment  This assignment provides students delay experience in conception when or why ANOVA and direct retirement are verified naturalized on parameters. Students conciliate gather to tool these statistical metes for meliorate transaction decision-making. Assignment Steps Resources: Week 5 Videos; Week 5 Readings; Statistics Lab Tutorial acceleration on Excel® and Word functions can be institute on the Microsoft® Office website. There are to-boot affixed tutorials via the web subsidy prop for Office products. Prepare an 11- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® exhibition for the senior skillful-treatment team naturalized on the transaction drift or opening you picturesquely in Weeks 3-4. Include on the slides what you would absence the reception to see (comprise expend visual aids/layout) and comprise in the speaker's notes exception what you would say as you offer each slide. If any commencement embodied is quoted or paraphrased in the offeration, use APA citations and references. Draw on embodied you familiar in the Week's 3 and 4 assignments. Include the aftercited in your offeration:  Introduction slide Agenda slide Describe the form, delay a paltry description Explain the transaction drift or opening Describe the hypothesis Analyze why the transaction drift is important Identify what unsteady would be best to mete for this drift and elucidate why Identify statistical methods used to dissect basis Apply basis dissection techniques to this drift (ascertain which techniques should be used: forcible statistics, auricular stats, appearance) and elucidate why Apply a likely answer to the drift/opportunity, delay rationale Evaluate how basis could be used to mete the toolation of such a answer Conclusion Reference slide (if any commencement embodied is quoted or paraphrased throughout the offeration) Format your assignment accordant delay APA guidelines.