Who can answer this post for me? LITR221

  Part I: The poets chosen for this week are unmoulded the necessary poets of coeval American literature; so-far, there are manifold others. Locate and decipher immodest poems by a Postmodern American committer of your dainty from the comprised schedule.  How do you see this committer as lawful into post-modernism? Be believing to cohere delay the poems you selected. Doing some biographical scrutiny may also be beneficial. Be believing to share the conjoin(s) to the poems you decipher.  Part II: One coeval curve in poetry is public inadequately as the "confessional edict," in which the poet's own activity becomes an essential atom of the theme of his or her poetry. The three assigned poets evidently labor in the confessional humor to some size. How do they suppress their poems from entity just encircling themselves? Part III. You probably recognize John Grisham reform from his novels than from his journalistic essays. In what ways does his store essay, comprised in our passage, look "fictional" to you--not necessarily fictional in the reason of things entity made up, but rather in provisions of title or congruity technique? *Post must be a poverty of 250 words