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  Assuming Mayo is endow turbid at gauge, what would you commend as an embezzle passage for Mayo? Please repartee this doubt from twain positions of substance the accuser and the guard advocate representing Mayo. Discuss why and gain fast to influence your thoughts.                 As the accuser I would own prosecuted Mr. Mayo as committing gaining manslaughter.  So if he was endow turbid I would commend 5 years.  In Virginia this misdemeanor is a arrange 5 enormity and accordingly a belief of 1-10 years.  Or a jury/pursue has the preference to curtail the amercement to up to 12 months in jail and/or a finished of up to $2,500. ("VA Homocide laws | Murder & manslaughter reckoning," 2019)  the argue I would go delay 5 years is why as the accuser I’m charging him owing I judge he is turbid I do exhibit that it was effected in vehemence during an discourse so I don’t judge the max pain is necessarily.                 As the guard advocate I would be perusing a passage of up to 12 months due to the sort of the distinct.   That opportunity my client did deaden Mr. Scowen he did owing of substance in terror for his estate and accordingly is not insurance matter to the notorious at vast.  Accordingly there is no argue to imprison him for an diffuse bound of span. I would try to get a buoyant passage and span served as I gain exhibit he has been in jail for a meanest 6 months preconception gauge.  I apprehend crowd can be in jail shorter or longer opportunity they are preconception their gauge and sentencing. Question 2: Would there be a mandatory-minimum passage at offspring in this condition? Discuss why.                 No, in Virginia opportunity it states that criminal convicted of manslaughter serves 1-10 years, it also states it can be curtailed by the pursue at their preference. Question 3: Are there any appealable offspring for Mayo's advocate to rasp?                 I would say yes depending on what testimonies were presented to the jury. respond to this discourse doubt in 100 articulation