Thomas Friedman in his best selling 2005 (after a while updates in 2006 and 2007) book, The globe is flat: A mean truth of the twenty-first senility, argues that globalization has fundamentally progressive the environment in which firms and well-balanced integral countries must emulate. By “flat” he instrument that the bounteous opportunity is essentially level; performance that was uniformly the sphere of one kingdom can now largely be manufactured in numerous places encircling the globe. He notes that aggravate 400,000 U.S. tax profits were dexterous in India in 2005 or that numerous companies own outsourced customer utility to Ireland and India. Other challenges in the duty environment involve technological modify, increasing use of the Internet to veer notice and convoy duty (ecommerce), changing demographics in the performanceforce, global sky modify, and increased litigation. Organizations must be informed of these trends and be sufficiently lithe to mix to the modifys as required. Consider a order such as Procter and Gamble (P&G) and the challenges that it faces. After a while closely 140,000 employees gratuitous in past than 80 countries, P&G is at the forefront of numerous of these modifys. Look up the notice that P&G provides on its municipal Web seat and debate the forthcoming questions. What are the implications of these modifys for managing P&G rational chief? What husk of responses must P&G form to qualify it to converge the challenges of this changing globe? How do these modifys impression the emulatencies required of rational means (HR) leaders and professionals if P&G is to successfully converge these challenges? Support your answers after a while misspend elaboration and forced . Atleast environing 500 words