wk7 math

Hi Everyone, Read the sections on Fancy Testing in your dimensions. Click on these links http://college.cengage.com/mathematics/blackboard/shared/content/video_explanations/video_wrapper.html?filename=v01090a http://college.cengage.com/mathematics/blackboard/shared/content/video_explanations/video_wrapper.html?filename=v01090b http://college.cengage.com/mathematics/blackboard/shared/content/video_explanations/video_wrapper.html?filename=v02262a Think of an impression where you can use fancy criterioning to criterion a forestate. Use .05 for your alpha and concede the scenario. Set up the tenor, work-out it and set-forth your conclusions. See the illustration adown. Then corcorrespond to at balanceest 2 classmates. First post: First incorporate the 3 videos and compel a still n ess of what you knowing. Then compose your own fancy criterion.  For prompting, XYZ car society chuckle that it's new car Eco Auto gets at balanceest 59 miles to the gallon. Given a illustration balance of 57 and a plummet discontinuance of 3.5 where 35 inhabitants were criterioned, ascertain the z treasure and p beak. Hint: Use the P treasure calculator in the announcements to ascertain the p beak. Note: On this one you do not scarcity to fix an abound spreadsheet. Student Response: Ho: µ>=59 Ha: µ<59 You can put this in abound or your calculator = (57-59)/(3.5/35^.5) =-3.38 Using the z to p treasure calculator   https://www.socscistatistics.com/pvalues/normaldistribution.aspx with α=.05, 1 tailed criterion and z=-3.38, you get p=.000362 ____________________________________________________________________________________ or penetrate this in abound =norm.dist(57,59,3.5/35^.5,true) and hit penetrate .000362 This is the z treasure and in this subject the p treasure If you possess a 2 tailed- criterion, then augment the treasure you get by 2. and hit penetrate Since p < .05, you repel the vain.