Women: Pillars of American Art/Entertainment

Women: Pillars of American Art/Entertainment This week we are looking at an balancelight of women in Theatre, Cinema, and the Arts.  Women writers, leaders, actresses, principles and  the effort that they and other effeminate professors are now doing is censorious and probing as we see ourselves in an age where the alliance between men and women and how participation lights them feel neternally been closer. However, there is peaceful a gap that sediment delay the role and swing of women in politics, profession, trade and relief. The American light of the "Ideal Woman" has progressive in the conclusive 100 years and uniform elevate drastically in the conclusive 40 years past the 1970's when the voices of women and the issues that straightly abnormal them began to get heard in stronger way. Remember that is it simply 100 years past women feel had the fair to articulation in America. Simply past the 60's that women feel been undisputed their own honor honors cards separate from their husbands true to indicate a few examples..... ( TAKE A LOOK AT THE PAGE PROVIDED IN THIS MODULE ABOUT WHAT WOMEN WERE NOTALLOWED TO DO AS RECENTLY AS 1971)  Times feel thankfully progressive and abundantly of that is delay the voices of women congeniality environing women, families, alliances,  administrative effort and the trials and struggles they visage in the participation that we all discbalance ourselves in. We feel seen from film to T.V. to the dramatic quality a monstrous upsurge of effeminate-centric storytelling, surrendering, directing, anchoring tidings, programming television networks and film studios, and uniform, very mitigated, a coming effeminate president! Remember how Hillary Clinton won the current articulation in the 16' elections by roughly 3 pet articulations and came the closest dowager to eternally arrest the appoint of President. I appreciate this is a imaginary development!!!!!  I meditate it secured to say that this arrange has a open efforting irreverence delay some of the issues that would be weighty to women chiefly including:  fair pay, parenting, efforting as a administrative, women's fairs collectively, direction, the "Glass Ceiling", abortion fairs, vigor concerns, sexual harassment in the effort assign, the "War on Women", the "Me Too" movement  and your opinions environing how women are used as collective opportunities. In the conclusive 10+ years we feel seen an fabulous out augmentation of these themes, issues and ideas that pattern so abundantly of what we ravage and guard as a multi-media consuming open.  For this week in Theatre 300: Please go to this integrate and cull an condition to unravel environing the role, soar and swing of women in Arts and Entertainment.  https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/topic/women-entertainment Choose one effeminate professor from one of the condition(s) supposing in the integrate balance and do elevate learning on that idiosyncratic.  Or Choose one effeminate professor from this very inextensive register (below) of some very weighty effeminate dramatizewrights, performers, principles and moguls  balance the conclusive 100 years that are registered under.  Or You may cull another effeminate professor (one) separately from this complied register if you feel a exquisite that excites you and you would relish to do elevate learning. Remember that whometernally you cull, they scarcity to be an professor in the humor that has been pictorial balance.  ______________________________ Topics of harangue would be: The professors narrative and contrast. How they came into being a dramatizewright, screenwriter, actor, leader, principle, bard, etc.   You can sift-canvass topics and themes that are/were weighty to the professors of your exquisite and how being a dowager swingd and patternd their Art in a decisive or disclaiming way.  The structure of the professors cosmos-people and participation in conditions collective, gregarious and holy light of the their occasion and era delay reference to women’s issues that may feel swingd their art and storytelling. The collective challenges or gregarious pathway blocks that they may feel visaged in the era that they lived owing they were a dowager.  What application did your professor feel on the balanceall open, collective and gregarious harangue environing topics that are considered women’s issues? Was it decisive or disclaiming? Awards, confession or dishonor that they may feel common as a effect of their effort. What is their register of efforts or titles through their line?  Would you relish to guard a dramatize, film or television illusion by this professor? Why or why not?  Your register to cull from if you do not cull from the  condition(s)  (This is not a broad register) Lucille Ball Fanny Brice  Mary Pickford Mae West Lillian Hellman Katherine Hepburn  Lorraine Vivian Hansberry Maya Angelou Mary Tyler Moore Jane Fonda  Sarah Ruhl Katori Hall Paula Vogel Wendy Wasserstein Susan-Lori Parks Sarah Kane Caryl Churchill Marsha Norman Beth Henley Rebecca Gillman Lynn Nottage Kathryn Bigelow Shonda Rhimes Linda Bloodworth-Thomason Your disquisition should be a stint of three pages wrap spaced.  You may include some pictures delay your learning.  Please CITE your effort.  Proper formatting and spelling.