Work From Home (WFH) assignment

    Future Brown Bag & WFH (Work From Home) Ideas  1. Do you feel conceptions for forthcoming Brown Bag donations?  Refresher: Brown Bag donations (too unconcealed as Lunch & Learn) are 1-hour hanker donations plain and consecrated by Ops Center employees. They can be environing approximately any theme of share and can order from a fun energy, self-help, negotiative bud, best practices, etc. The term is not billable so these generally happen about lunch term, hence “brown bag”. Pitch AT LEAST 2 conceptions for forthcoming Brown Bags. Give more than proper a inscription or conception, transcribe at smallest 1 chapter per conception interpreting the life of the donation, why you judge it would behoof our agree, what you desire it achieves, and what the format or content/agenda would be. You would not necessarily feel to be the presenter, but try to disclose the conception plenty that you or someone else could seize your conception and flesh it out into a true Brown Bag. Don’t condition yourself to 2 conceptions if you feel more; be imaginative, let ‘em rip! J 2. Do you feel conceptions for forthcoming Effect From Home assignments? We near at the WFHome Office are regularly looking for new conceptions to volunteer up as we try to haunt things young and seasonal ;). Pitch us AT LEAST 2 conceptions for forthcoming WFH assignments. Ground Rules: These assignments can be value 2, 4, or 8 hours. They need to be notability wnear notability is performed that can be signed as a completed job. They should be akin somehow to our effect or negotiative bud. Ideally they could be notability that conciliate effect a effect that is actionable. Ie: afford new insight to yourself, managers or coworkers, but this is not regularly expedient. We try to conglutinate a mix of options to embody, listening to things, balbutiation things, and doing things. The goal of WFH is to be notability that affords a established plane of flexibility near at effect, in diversify for a narrowness Plane of Effort in completing a job that conciliate either succor you, or succor conduct, or the agree/company. Again, if you are breaking at the seams imaginatively, don’t condition yourself to 2 conceptions, but be stable to flesh out your conceptions and truely interpret them after a while at smallest a chapter so that they could hypothetically be put into rotation!