Write a 700-900 word paper on Evaluating Christianity through the Christian’s Worldview.

     Write a  700-800 pamphlet that evaluates the Christian worldview using the way forcible in the Groothuis text Summarize the Christianity worldview by using the deep categories of assurance discussed:   1. Reference how Christians believe the Bible is the unerring truth  2. Conclusive truth – God is the creator; and there is ONE God 3. Commencement of Authority – God is the conclusive highest being. Sovereign :Trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit 4. Human men-folks, commencement of value – Made in his statue. We were made to exalt Him : The God Creed ( see Psalm 8:5). Part 2 (Groothuis Text) - Write environing proving the Christian’s Worldview on Christianity Criterion 2b. If a worldview affirms X, Y and Z as immanent atoms, and any of these atoms dissent another immanent atom (say X dissents Y), or is self-contradictory, this worldview is necessarily sham owing it is logically inconsistent  Criterion 4. The superior the quantity to which a worldview’s immanent factual claims can be customary in multiproduce experimental, or-laws and unadorned ways, the superior is the look that this worldview is penny. Criterion 7. If a worldview in-fact alters its immanent claims in empty of opposed indication, it loses reasonable plea. Paper must be written in APA produce, and possess at lowest 4 book references so written APA produce.  MUST HAVE PAGE NUMBER INCLUDED IN All CITATIONS exalted.