Write Narrative

PowerPoint Presentation: Narrative Exhibition to the Consultation of Trustees The Centers for Medithrift & Medicaid Services (CMS) has enslaved on a over obvious role in heartiness thrift. A bulky dispense of shift has transpired to amend unrepining insurance and implementation of attached description metrics. The new heartiness thrift better has begun to shift the fees/building of Medithrift and Medicaid cancelment for heartiness thrift services. For this assignment, transcribe a narrative exhibition that you conquer concede to the members of your form's consultation of trustees on how the new cancelment building conquer impression the form's proceeds building. In your exhibition, harangue the aftercited questions: Why did CMS beseem over compromised in the cancelment factor of heartiness thrift? How does this involvement impression heartiness thrift forms? What tools can be implemented to secure that an form is convocation the policies and procedures set forth by CMS? Identify three tools from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website that are beneficial to achieving the goals set forth by your form. For attached details, fascinate allude to the Exhibition Rubric instrument.