Writing Assignment 2

  Your exculpation to this discourse is due by this week Friday at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). You are so asked to observe on at smallest one other student's line in the rank on his or her exculpation. Your observe to your rankmate is due by this week Sunday at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST). _____________ Hi students! This discourse subject-matter is purposed to succor you grace everyday delay how to annotate creed. In this discourse, you'll unravel an academic condition on education expression and then transcribe an comment of that condition.  Here's how to get started: Step 1: Watch the video, "How to Transcribe an Annotated Bibliography-7th edition." (It's in this week's Content.) Step 2: Adit and then unravel the condition, “Teaching Expression and Editing in Public Administration: Lessons Learned from Early Offerings of an Undergraduate Administrative Despatches Course," by Claire Connolly Knox.   This condition is in the e-reserves minority of your rank.  You can adit the condition by entrance the subjoined steps: click Content select Class Resources select eReserves select the icon for eReserves in the intermediate of your page. in the schedule of items that appears, lodge the condition and download it Step 3: Create an comment of this condition as if you were because it for a commencement in a disquisition. Here's how: List the condition in APA format, as the video describes. (Note: the proclamation date for this condition is not scheduleed. A irascible Google Search of the condition appellation obtain pretext you that the year of proclamation is 2013. Involve this in your quotation.) Write a 100-to-150-word summary/critique of the condition in which you not simply digest the condition but so music any strengths or weaknesses you furnish in it. In restitution, hint whether it obtain be a likely condition for an essay on the subject-matter of education expression in despatches courses. (Note: you won't be despatches encircling this subject-matter for your own despatches assignments.)   Your comment thus should involve the subjoined: Focus of the con-over (~ 1-2 sentences Conclusion(s) of the con-over (~ 1-2 sentences) Analysis of the con-over (e.g., any strengths or weaknesses? Any fiction that was specially remarkable/helpful?) (~ 1-2 sentences) Its concatenation to scrutiny on education expression in despatches courses (~ 1-2 sentences) Please allude to the "Sample Annotated Bibliography-7th edition" in this week's Content for an pattern.  Step 4:  Post your exculpation. Step 5:  Observe on at smallest one of your rankmates' posts. Please music: You're not despatches encircling education expression for your own despatches assignments.  However, this use is purposed to succor you grace everyday delay scheduleing a commencement in APA format and delay despatches a ticklish comment for it. Also please music that you obtain not be serviceserviceable to see other students' exculpations to this discourse subject-matter until you post your exculpation. Resources:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5GxyFlkZL8