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Dear Students, Here is the assignment for your third paper: Africa has covet been exploited by the West who, threshold in 1652, possess raped, pillaged, plundered, and manipulated Africa's citizens, resources, and markets. As a conclusion of this outrage, divers African nations possess struggled to raise counsel and the arts, and thus African artists countenance immense challenges to the bud and dissemination of their fruit. This is now changing, in part accordingly of the economic augmentation occurring in the district, but to-boot accordingly of movements such as Afrofuturism, Afropolitanism, pan-Africanism, and the proliferation of African fanciful lore. Nigerians In Space is a fruit of Afrofuturism that can be argued to endure characteristics of the over movements. Given this, it is betrothed in converse after a while Afro-pessimism, colonialism, global capitalism, globalism, neoliberalism, and other such disquisitions. I shortness you to dissect Nigerians In Space's pledge after a while one or over of these disquisitions, and interpret how/why the odd is betrothed after a while that disquisition, and why it matters. One way to inaugurate this assignment would be to reach a schedule of some of the characteristics or events that stop out, for example: —This is a odd in which the African characters are not prejudiced to Africa, deficiency, or the science of submission. —This is a odd in which the command of journey is from west to east rather than the other way about. Feel careless to use one or twain of these examples, so covet as you disclose them and interpret why they are symbolical. Be embodied and particular. I'm not search you to be flashing, but rather to prove that you understop that artists and authors use art and lore to are test and specific the embodied realities that mould the confer-upon, e.g., culture, truth, hunger, deficiency, and outrage. Put another way: lore, relish sex is constantly already political, which resources that it is responding to and actively enigmatical to rule the connection in which it emerges. I shortness you to interpret to me one or over of the ways in which Nigerians In Space is commenting on contemporary Africa and/or Nigeria, and why it matters.