Writing the meta-analysis methodology section will add 2 pages (600 words), double spaced, not including the title page and reference page

   Please thrive the guidelines located in the grading rubric. It is essential to retain that this is a growing instrument, and that other exploration components conquer be added in each individual going progressive. You keep high the original segregate of your applied exploration scheme. The proximate march in your Scheme is to teach the requisite exploration methodology that is withhold to investigate the whole. Imagine yourself as a explorationer who conquer use a requisite meta-analysis methodology. you conquer be adding new sub-heading sections to open the exploration course. At the selfselfsame space, you conquer be responding to comments and critiques from your adherent in direct to bring-about improvements to departed sections.  Step 1: Prepare by studying the Reading assigned to this individual. Practice specific exploration concepts by attractive in individual discussions.  Step 2: Design your applied exploration scheme in the thriveing form.  Title Page: Develop a singular distinction for the disquisition that captures the entity of the whole that is beneath exploration.  Sub-Heading Sections   Introduction   Statement of the Whole   Intended Audience   Value to the Audience  Meta-Analysis Methodology   Summary Reference Page  Reference Page