Posted: November 12th, 2022

Function Return Values in C++

The code here tests a user-entered character and returns values depending on whether the character is numeric, upper case, etc.  

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Function Return Values in C++
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Enter the code, note the output, and answer the questions below.   Put your answers into a Word document.   

#include <stdio.h>

#include <ctype.h>

int main(void)

{printf(“Enter a character: “);

int c = getchar();

if (isdigit(c) == 0)

{printf(“User has entered the character: %c\n”, c);

printf(“isalnum(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, isalnum(c));

printf(“isxdigit(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, isxdigit(c));

printf(“islower(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, islower(c));

printf(“isupper(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, isupper(c));

printf(“tolower(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, tolower(c));

printf(“toupper(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, toupper(c));

printf(“isspace(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, isspace(c));

printf(“iscntrl(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, iscntrl(c));

printf(“ispunct(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, ispunct(c));

printf(“isprint(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, isprint(c));

printf(“isgraph(\’%c\’) = %d\n”, c, isgraph(c));


return 0;



Complete the sentence When the user enters the value of “a,”  for each of the following:

1. Why does isalum() return the value 2?

2. Why does isxdigit() return the value 128?

3. Why does islower() return the value 2?

4. Why does isupper() return the value 0?

5. Why does tolower() return the value 97?

6. Why does toupper() return the value 65?

7. Why does isspace() return the value 0?

8.Why does iscntrl() return the value 0?

9.Why does ispunct() return the value 0?

10. Why does isprint() return the value 2?

11. Why does isgraph() return the value 2?

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