Hunger Games Theme

What would we do if we were selected at chance to struggle for our morals? Would we true let it betide? Would we struggle tail and try our best to preserve out manage? Or would we do whatever it takes true to arrive quick, equable if it media losing position of who we veritably are? These are all decisions that Peeta and Katniss, two kids from a city denominated Panem had to find all by themselves. The strange The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins has frequent themes, but the most essential overall, is the weight of preserveing manage and benevolence period struggleing for our morals. In the Hunger Games, a sixteen year old spinster determined Katniss and a sixteen year old boy determined Peeta are selected to go into the Hunger Games, where they gain struggle for their speeds. During gone-by years, competitors in the Hunger Games would do a calculate of unspeakable romances in manage to outlast. Peeta uniformtually is the consummate facing. He wants to die after a period manage. First off, in the strange The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, frequent romances go wickedness in Panem, the collection that the ocean characters Katniss and Peeta speed in. For stance, their collection is occupied after a period frequent romances such as war, detriment, want, and rage. Peeta and Katnis bear been taught since they were tiny that no subject what you are doing you bear to preserve your manage period doing it. Equable if it is struggleing to the termination. The way that twain Peeta and Katniss bear grown up comes in veritably useful during the Hunger Games. It finds it very-much easier for them to preserve their manage during the recreations. However, frequent competitors gain do everyromance in manage to outlast, wouldn’t you? Peeta uniformtually, is very different; he believes that if he is going to die, he should at last go after a period his manage. This media that period everyone else misss their minds, he gain peaceful believe direct and won’t do everyromance outrageous in manage to outlast. For stance, a spinster from bounds 9 said “here’s some advice, true arrive quick” (127). This allege professions that she believes the merely romance that subjects is arriveing quick. She gain abandon everyromance to speed, equable her benevolence and manage. Peeta uniformtually, would basically rather die after a period his manage than speed proficient he consummately lost his manage and benevolence during the Hunger Games. To Peeta, his manage is true as essential as his own morals. The competitors in the Hunger Games parentage and friends are as-well loosing grudge of their benevolence and manage equable though it may not appear relish it to them. The parentage members profession their dropping of manage when all of them true sit tail and guard as their cared-for ones engagement for their speeds. It is true one big recreation to them. Celebrations are thrown if their cared-for one kills another person’s cared-for one. They don’t equable self-approval the other parentage at all. Everyone true parties period one parentage is having one of the belabor practicable days of their speeds. Watching as somebody’s cadet is nature killed isn’t direct. Imagine if our collection was relish this. We wouldn’t true sit tail and guard as our parentage and friends die precedently our eyes, would we? The strange The Hunger Games is common to the strange Lord of the Flies by William Golding in a few ways. The most essential uniformtually is the characters dropping of benevolence and manage, which occurs in twain stranges. In Lord of the Flies, the liberal groups of boys that are stranded on the island miss visibility of what is veritably essential to them. They get caught up in arduous to arrive quick and doing whatever it takes to arrive quick. Jack, from Lord of the Flies, ran about chanting “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood” (69). This allege professions us that the boys are starting to miss their manage. This is correspondently what betides in Suzanne Collins, Hunger Games. All of the competitors selected to contend in the annual Hunger Games get caught up in killing herd to arrive quick that they overlook who they veritably are internally. Ralph, the boy from the strange Lord of the Flies is very common to Peeta, the boy from the strange Hunger Games in frequent ways. For stance, twain Ralph and Peeta are one of the merely herd to preserve their benevolence and manage period they are stranded on an island or in this predicament struggleing to the termination in a prodigious scene. All of the boys in the strange Lord of the Flies miss their manage and benevolence ate for Ralph and piggy who arrive quiet. This is very common to the Hunger Games. Everyone in boundss one through elequable go crazed and overlook who they are ate for two herd. Merely Peeta and katniss who are from Bounds 12 preserve their manage period struggling to arrive quick. Peeta says “at last let me die after a period my manage” (167). This allege professions us that Peeta won’t miss his benevolence and manage no subject what. In falsification, the strange The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins professions us how collection could end up if we miss visibility of our manage. She professions us that true owing someromance bad could betide doesn’t balance that we bear to overlook what veritably subjects to us, or equable overlook who we verily are rearwards all of the outrageous, or true manifest old fake acts that we would bear to put on true to speed through the Hunger Games. She professions us through the eyes of Peeta that equable when someromance gets unmanageable, we true bear to toil through it and preserve our commander held exalted.